What goes around, comes around.

Just a few things…

What happened to summer?!?! I hate Iowa weather.

Ugh, depressed. Went to the doctor on Thursday and told him the depression had been getting the better of me recently and also focus and concentration had been harder to maintain lately. He upped my Strattera which is not the depression med but rather the ADD med, but that’s why he’s the doctor. It sucks to experience a change in meds as you’re ramping up. Spent most of Friday and Saturday feeling loopy and tense at the same time. Seems to be evening out.

Saturday I got PAID! I can’t even tell you how much this helps my mood!

Saturday night RAWKED. Me and a bunch of friends went out and watched my friend’s band debut and it was awesome… good times, good times.

Sunday night HunkyDory watched seven episodes of West Wing season one. What a fantastic show! I think of myself as conservatively liberal, and even though this show has a decidedly leftist slant, I still find myself enjoying it immensely.

Finished this book, and I have some thoughts to share on it. Honestly, the book really pissed me off. It’s written by two deaf persons; one was born deaf, and the other was progressively deafened, like me. The authors pretty much attack all hearing people and make sweeping generalizations on how evil and insensitive hearing people are. I can understand a minority being bitter about its perceived oppression, but I feel the authors cross a line. Something to think about… if you and your spouse were two hearing people and had a child born deaf, what would you do? Would you have the cochlear implant procedure done as soon as possible, or would you learn sign, teach your child sign, and seek deaf role models for your child and leave the decision to implant or not to your child? I’ll answer that later and let you mull that over.
Deaf culture and Deaf community… what an odd but true entity this is. I find myself wondering, is there Blind culture and Blind community? Quadriplegic culture and Quadriplegic community? If not, why? I’ll end up researching this more later.

Went to the last cruise night of the season tonight. Pretty chilly ride home. Plus, rode the Sporty and lemme just tell ya; the passenger seat isn’t really so much a passenger seat as it is a warped 2×4. Pieces of my butt and nether regions took turns falling asleep and going all pins-and-needle-y as I futilely rocked my pelvis and shifted my weight in a vain attempt to make everything stay awake all at once. Apparently, only various parts of me are afflicted with narcolepsy. I was as yet unaware of this unfortunate development. Do they have a prescription cream or drug for random muscular narcolepsy? Let me know. There’s got to be some multi-million dollar federally granted study being conducted somewhere in these great United States of America.

Speaking of… where were you 9/11/01? I was working at McLeod and the first email came out from corporate informing every employee that the first tower was hit, and managers turned on all the TVs to CNN. We watched the horror unfold and then a second email came out stating that yes, this was indeed a terrible thing to be happening, but let’s not let it affect our work. Yes, McLeodUSA is comprised of a bunch of incredibly sensitive geniuses… not. But, karma bit them right in the ass.

Dude. Just punch it.

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  1. Yes, actually there’s some bits of Blind culture, in some multigenerational blind families. And if you keep track of stuff at http://thegimpparade.blogspot.com/ you will see similar issues discussed by physically disabled folks.

    I know exactly what you mean about how the authors seem to cross a line, I absolutely do. While I was born deaf, I was wildly successful with hearing aids — you can’t tell from my speech that I can’t hear. So there is no question I grew up with, and accepted the whole hearing culture until the last few years.

    However. I am only now learning to sign, precisely because the decision was taken away from me & my parents because of scare tactics by hearing doctors and such. And at my age (40+) I have finally realized that English is not my true language. It *cannot* be. I can send, but I can’t receive. Communication absolutely has to go both ways or it’s fundamentally crippled, no matter how much lipstick you put on the pig. It took me a long, long, long time to understand this, because it seems so *fundamental* to speak and try to hear if you can.

    You might find some of my entries at my blog of interest — from the earliest entries on to the most recent (I’ve taken a summer break), you can see the progression of realization of just what the hearing world does to deaf people.

    Now, I do agree that different approaches are needed to bring in the new-to-all-this parents of a deaf child; however the anger you object to is very real, and deserves respect in its own right. Deaf people have been colonized for centuries, the Milan conference and its consequences for the following century is simply the latest one.

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