It may come down to sexual favors.

I’ve donned a sporty flickr badge down there. Oh, get your head out of the gutter, I mean down the page there and to the left. Cheese and rice.

By the by, is this thing on? *taps keyboard*

I’m just checkin’ bcus I’m dishin’ out my best grub here, but the dining room is empty. I’m not feelin’ the love, people. And I needs the love. Oh, how I craves the looove. And I’m not shy; it’s a spectacularly dysfunctional codependent enabler “but I looooooove him, he din’t mean to crack mah jaw! Noooo, don’t take him awaaaaay!” type of love.

5 thoughts on “It may come down to sexual favors.

  1. Sexual Favors!!!?!?!
    I’m all over that!!

    Nice badge too. It goes well with that other thing you have there. The Blogroll. Very fashionable, very je ne se quoi

    Now about those favors…

  2. *whew* I thought this thing was broken and I was talking to the crickets. Thank you!

    Anyone else out there?!?!

    Come on, you know I put the “funk” in dysfunctional!!!

  3. I clicked on the damn thing and got sucked in! I looked through all your pictures, because I love them, and then I created an account and uploaded SOME of my own. Then, I tried to make you a contact and bygolly there is no where that there is such an ability, yet they sure make it seem like it would be possible. -T-

  4. yeah, I’m still trying to figger that out myself. I saw something about adding friends and family, maybe that’s it. Or maybe they’re trying to revive an ancient long-distance savings plan.

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