OOOOOooooo… AAAHHHaaahhh…

Here’s curtain pics as promised. For the valances I just used 1/2″ iron on tape to seal all the edges and cut simple strips and sewed them on the back to make the casing for the curtain rod. I used these instructions to make the roman blinds.
The darker walls do make the room seem a tad smaller, but it feels cozy not claustrophobic. You can’t tell from the picture but the color of the room is matched to one of the skinny stripes on the valances. I have decided I like the color very much. Looking at my monitor and my wall, I may have been a little too liberal with lightening the shadows making the wall color in the picture a tad lighter than it really is. But also this is a Mac and the display runs brighter than regular PC displays. Anywho. You get the idea. Wall color is now much, much better than three white walls and one creepy kindergarten mural wall. It feels like a grown-up’s office now. Happy Dory is happy.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude.

3 thoughts on “OOOOOooooo… AAAHHHaaahhh…

  1. Note the fashionable fingerless gloves I’m pimpin.

    It makes the typing that much faster, plus I just look cool like that.

    I’m thinking about changing my moniker from Hunky to maybe consilidating both of the names and just calling myself Dorky.

    How ’bout that?

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