My sleeper is broken

That pic is me and my gal pal. Why? Because this is an MMS, and I can. It’s the bonus plan, baby.

H woke up at 3am with sinus crap going on. Lovely snorting deep back of his throat and sniffling. Dead sexy, baby. He got up and took some sinus meds and went right back to sleep, leaving me wide awake. I laid in bed for a while trying to go back to sleep. Gave up and grabbed my ppc and my smokes so I could sit on the deck and smoke, listen to the trains and crickets, and write. Of course I have my trusty little white tornado on my lap bcus heaven forbid I should venture out of a room without the little hairy shadow. Elli has some severe separation anxiety issues. Let’s just recap what me and my dumb brain have been discussing for the last hour and twenty minutes.

*gives you a hard hat with a search light and a packed lunch just in case we get lost*

To Do list. You know, bcus that is so condusive to sleep… Not.

Went to deaf dinner last night and reran a lot of what I said but changed it from english to asl word order. Because I haven’t yet mastered doing that on the fly. Deaf folks are so patient with learners. At least most of the ones I have met.

Worried about my friend who is facing imminent divorce.

Worried about whether my neighbors are gonna stay together and/or if she is gonna put his engagement ring back on anytime soon.

Agonized and shoulda coulda woulda’d my old job to death. Wow, that was SO productive.

Went back and forth over getting an interpreter or not if I get the two interviews I think I’m gonna get. Still not decided.

Wondered for a while about whether God will heal my hearing or when I might go completely deaf. Wondered what, if anything, I might miss. I got to hear my husband say our wedding vows and babies say ‘Mama’ and ‘I love you’, so I guess I’m good. Music is the only thing I’ll really miss, I think.

Went back over To Do list. Why? Futile.

Proofread this entry, but I’m sure it’s hosed up somewhere. Hey, you try blogging on a fiveish inch by twoish inch qwerty keyboard and fourish inch by threeish inch screen. It’s not easy.

Hey, was I just cheery-angsty in this entry, Rebecca?! LOL

That’s about it.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude.

4 thoughts on “My sleeper is broken

  1. Suuuuuure, since I’m fumbling about dropping nightstand drawers on the floor, somehow it’s my fault that your brain suddenly became engaged.
    I left the room so’s youse wouldn’t get woked up, but ya went ahead and did it anyway.

  2. I’m sooo trying to be funny here…

    If you live in a world of Charlie Brown adults — could you actually hear the trains and crickets? 😛

    I totally enjoy reading your stuff…keep it up!

  3. Combine a very very quiet neighborhood and a cricket family living directly under my deck, add most of the trainworkers in death metal bands practicing with the train whistle, equals Dory can hear trains and crickets in her backyard at three in the morning. 🙂

    Conversation remains my biggest problem area. I still have some hearing left in treble and bass frequencies, it’s the middle frequencies that are completely shot, and as luck would have it, that’s where most people’s voices fall into. It is so weird what I can and can’t hear. Just ask Hunky. 🙂

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