I sent this email to my contact on the freelance job…


I need to vent and I don’t know who the right person is to vent to, but please pass this onto them. You are the only person I have any contact information for, except I did email the XXXXX secretary at the email address on the website and was ignored.

I’m upset about the length of time it has taken to get a check for the graphic work I did for the XXXXX XXXXX, and the communication, or lack thereof, that has occurred.

I was told at first that I would be paid a couple days after the event concluded. After a week went by with no sign of a check or an explanation, I had to seek out information and was told it would be approximately an additional three weeks. It has now been a month after the event and I still have not received payment. But what I find worse than that is the lack of communication that I have been subjected to. During the project, I communicated and was professional to the very best of my ability, but I certainly haven’t experienced any reciprocity. Instead, I feel like I’ve been ignored and I’ve had to beg for answers and payment. I’m, I hope understandably, upset by this. I did exactly what I was told to. I responded to deadlines with turnaround times that spun on a dime. The day after I was injured in a motorcycle accident, I worked for for several hours even though if I had been working at a “real” job, I would’ve called in sick because I was in pain. I went way above and beyond to get the job done when any other designer might have said “I’m sorry, that’s not possible.” In return for my hard work, I had no one initiate any contact whatsoever with payment explanation. I could try to understand if there was some sort of bureaucratic obstacle to overcome in order to get a check to me, but my expectation would be that I should get at least some communication on what was going on and when I could expect payment. If I had a Hearing client do to me what XXXXX has and told the Deaf Community what I was experiencing from this Hearing client, I suspect they would be all up in arms and think that what this client was doing to me was reprehensible. Isn’t one of the most important missions in the Deaf community and for XXXXX communication?

I would sincerely appreciate an answer expeditiously as to when I can expect a check for the services I performed.

Was this too bitchy and/or unprofessional?!?! I just got an IM from the client wanting to meet me tonight at 6:30 and I’m completely freeking out.


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