Annie Lennox never sang about these dreams

I tend to remember my dreams often. I’ve noticed that there’s a recurring theme in my dreams. It involves me trying to figure out a way to cover up my nekkidness. Last night I was looking for a place to change my clothes, but every time I found a good place, either the door wouldn’t shut, or the lock was broken, or I discovered windows that wouldn’t close or didn’t have curtains. I’ve had a lot of these sorts of dreams all my life. There’s a different theme that started when I was pregnant with The Rockstar. It’s much weirder… I have something gross in my mouth that I can’t get it all out. I’ve dreamed that I have all this gross stuff in my mouth at one time or another… gum, lettuce, dirt, tobacco, gummy bears… there’s many more different things but I can’t remember exactly what right off the top of my head. Anyway, I try all kinds of ways to get this crap out of my mouth but it seems like as fast as I can get it out, more appears. I’ve tried scooping it out with my finger, rinsing and spitting, and squirting a hose in my mouth, but nothing gets all of it out.

Pretty weird, huh?


Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude…

2 thoughts on “Annie Lennox never sang about these dreams

  1. What I love is that you list gummy bears as one of the gross things you dream is in your mouth.

    Because I, too, HATE gummy bears. Yuck!

  2. Umm, I have funny dreams too that i remember. I had one when i was little over and over about being in a small plane and suddenly falling out of the sky. Of course that’s when i would wake up and have that feeling like i just fell. Ya know that jump out of sleep thing. Then for a long time i was beating the shit out of an ex every night. It was very satisfying in a weird way, but i could never beat him good enough. LOL. But i do have to agree with all those things in your mouth, they are yucky!


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