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This is the rear view of my mom’s horse trailer. Yep, I did that! I had it printed on sticker paper, and Mom and I installed it on her trailer. It was kinda tricky, but we won, and the sticker is duly installed. Anybody got an extra $8,000 laying around? Mom says if I buy a wide-format printer and sell these on eBay, we can retire early in Jamaica. I’m FOR that.
It’s been an interesting whirlwind trip. We left at 5am Saturday and got here about 11am and we’re about to leave for home here pretty quick. I saw my ex-fiance last night for the first time in a couple years and witnessed him giving my husband a hug (a very manly Grrr hug not a sissy frou frou hug of course but STILL) and hopefully see him again next time we’re in town and get our four boys together to play together or overthrow the government whichever comes first. Today I had a 3 hour horseback ride with The Seester, The Momster, and The Dinosaur. I’ve got a sunburn and my legs feel like spaghetti noodles. Yee Haaaa.
Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dood. Buh-Bye Now.

3 thoughts on “Home Surreal Home

  1. Nice Job, looks good! Me and you can go in on a big printer, lol. I have been told the same thing with race car graphics for my brothers race buddies. Some day, ya never know! Laterz!


  2. I got dibs on the scheduling/accounting portion of this printing Biz ya’ll are starting up!!!! Im HECKA good with spreadsheets and numbers!!!!!

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