Somebody shoot me now, please… thanks.

OMG, I need to wallow for a moment.
OK. I am the only income bringer-inner in this household and I have no potential for income currently. RIGHT ON TRACK.
I did get my unemployment benefit claim going (YAY) but in the process of looking for the user/pass for that site I found the old emails from The Ex Boss (AKA The Evil Garden Gnome Guy) when he was gushing about how well the personality profile matched everyone else’s and how they all couldn’t wait for me to start and BLAH BLAH BLAH…
Could you twist that knife in my heart a little HARDER and SLOWER please… and thank you.
Oh, man, someone go into my hotmail and delete that shit ASAP for me, ‘kay? ‘Kay. Good.
*gets in the car*
*drives off a cliff posthaste*
OK, my heart literally physically hurts. WTF happened?!?!
Wait, wait. OK. *getting a grip*
Kittens and duckies and bunnies in a basket.
Crapping all over my easter candy.
Wait, wait. OK. *trying again*
I’m either going to get an absolutely fantastic graphic designer position where I will be comfortable and be ME or I will be an absolutely fantastic freelance graphic designer and be even more comfortable and MEish. *deep inhale and exhale* Yes. Absolutely.

Rip it, roll… aw, screw it.

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