Elli for President ’08! (She’s a shoo-in!)

I love my dog. You just don’t understand how much I love my dog. She is such a little person with fur. She does unbelievably cute things that to write them out just wouldn’t do them justice. Like what she sounds like when I sign “Tell me a story.”
In other news, work has been going much better. I don’t feel poised with my head on the chopping block nearly as often. Remember what I said about how much I loved working in an office that didn’t have the drama and politics? *scoffs* I woke up and smelled the rotten eggs. The Gorilla was up to her old tricks today, but I won this round.
Tommy’s finally gotten a blog… http://darkandscaryhere.blogspot.com so go check him out. He’s waaaay more entertaining than I. And as always, my blogging hero remains http://outofcharacter.blogspot.com I wish I had a damn nickel for everytime I read her blog and laughed so hard I almost wet myself.
Have a great weekend!

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