I *AM* alive!

Here I am! I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth!

Work… busy. Dog… adorable. Husband… healing. Boys… fine. That about covers it.

I don’t update much because I feel like my life is pretty boring and no one really wants to hear about it. Also, after I catch up on my friends page and the other blogs I check out regularly, I feel like I can never compete with their awesome writing skills, so I don’t try. I also think, well, it’s going to take (insert an impossibly long time) to do this RIGHT and I don’t want to do it half-assed so I guess I won’t do it at all.

Here’s the most recent pic I have of my impossibly adorable Elli Kay….

She is getting SO big! And she definitely has more personality than could fit in her little body. She’s just “jack russell” thru and thru, and I’ve never been more happy with a pet in my entire life. We’re still having potty training issues, and at four and a half months, I was hoping that all would be behind us. But when she has to go, she sits by the patio door and stares at it, willing it to open. If someone happens to come along and see her and open it for her, great, but if no one does, she just pees right there by the door. I can’t get her to “ask” to go out. She’ll bark when she wants something – her bone on the counter or her hedgehog behind the couch, but not when she needs to go potty.

Work is… complicated. We’re really busy, so I’ve gotten some overtime in, which will be very nice on the paycheck. I love my job, but for the first time I’m a little unhappy. The new (third) designer started 06-21-06 and things haven’t been quite the same since then. I feel like the lead designer doesn’t like me anymore. I know that sounds very elementary-school-ish, but I don’t know how to explain it any other way. It could be I’m being completely paranoid, but it seems like when I walk back into the room, they stop talking. Also, my manager was all disgruntled with me, I think because the day after tom’s surgery I called in for the first time since I started there on 01-03-06, and he didn’t appreciate that. Well, have you ever noticed that when a manager gets upset about something you did, all of the sudden lots of little things that didn’t seem to upset them before, now all stack up to make them more upset with you and your overall presence at the workplace? Now I feel a little uncomfortable and not as welcomed. I feel like folks are looking over my shoulder and making judgements about my performance. I feel like I’m not getting the benefit of the doubt. Of course, then I feel more nervous, and I’ve been making dumb mistakes which makes folks more upset, and the vicious cycle spins at approximately the speed of sound. I need to chill out. Perhaps some strong tranquilizers would do the trick.

I’m sick and tired of being broke. I pondered taking a hiatus from PartyLite and getting a job at HandiMart, but I prayed about it, and me & God made a deal. If my party hit $550, then He wanted me to keep at it. If I didn’t, that was my cue to get my application in at HandiMart. Well, I submitted my party last night and it was $701.35. So there’s my answer!

That about covers it.
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