Today I took out some frustration upon a poor unsuspecting Amazon Cust Svc Rep. Actually, I think they might be a bit amused to read my email.

Hopefully you can find my account by my email address. It’s Dory at I signed up for Prime and the way I understood it, I would be sent an email to give me the opportunity to end the Prime membership before my credit card was charged. I got no email and my credit card was charged. I would like Prime cancelled and the charge removed.
Thank you,
Dory A
p.s. There is a very special place in hell reserved for whoever the sado-masochist is that designed your voice response phone system. Hopefully, they will be be alternately flailed and then salt rubbed into their wounds with a steel brush while being forced to watch infomercials from Ronco hosted by Cher, Sally Struthers, and John Basedow. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I didn’t like it. I did find out that if you scream in anguish “REEEEAL LIIIIVE PERRRRSOOOONNNN!!!” enough times, it simply gives up and hangs up on you. Nice touch.


In other news – a couple weeks ago I took my motorcycle out to practice down in the Osco parking lot (I admit – I am not street ready) and wasn’t there five minutes when I dumped my bike and cracked two ribs. Nice, huh? I haven’t gotten back on yet. And if I wasn’t nervous enough about getting back on, we just found out that one of the instructors that did our Rider Course in May died on Sunday. He was riding his bike and a deer hit him. I’m spooked. Really spooked. Today I did a lot of thinking about what would happen if something happened to Tom on his bike. But as he points out, he could also be walking along and get hit by a semi truck. Hmm. On the bright side, I have been giving Tom lots of hugs and kisses and saying “I love you” a lot the last couple days. You never know what’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen. That could be the last time you’re telling that person goodbye. Whoa – we just went from “bright side” to “disturbingly morbid” in 2.7 seconds. Sorry about that.
Going to get my puppy the weekend after the fourth…. YAY!!!

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