ACK! I’ve been called out!

And I deserve it!

I have been so CRAZY busy the last couple weeks. Every single night there’s something scheduled or a household chore that just cannot be put off a minute longer. Plus The Man is on here doing homework.

OK, what’s new with me?

Mom was in a bad accident and will be off work for a month. She has conceded that she is done breaking two-year-olds.

I figured out how to make my own ringers for my cell phone and upload them to my phone. For some reason, it works on Tom’s phone but does not work on mine. More fussing will be required.

I went to the Kutless – Stellar Kart – Disciple – Dizmas concert last night and took Zay. He had a great time. It kind of sucked being the mom at a concert, but it kinda didn’t. It was comforting to know I was making him some great memories of “mom and me” time but also very very frustrating watching him struggle with his social issues.

I have decided to be a PartyLite consultant again. Seven parties scheduled in May then I will back of to two or three a month.

Tom has been doing some work at API helping out with projects. It’s fun having him there. I hurry as fast as I can to get my designer work done so I can go in and help with bindery and talk to him.

Well, I have to go move my hostas. I’m burnin daylight here.

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