Checking in

I’m not doing very well at not letting seven days go by without writing! But I’ve done really well at giving my boys Quality Time. And I haven’t even opened that damn Carman Electra Work Out DVD. *cringes* I’ve read books and shared my findings with people. Right now I’m reading The Papa Prayer. I’m not even a third of the way thru it and it’s already changed the way I pray. I haven’t done very well with calling my parents and my girlfriends. I’ve done really well with not freaking out and overanalyzing what my coworkers and boss say or do. We paid off my credit cards with our tax refund. I haven’t read my bible every day, but almost all the books I’ve read cite scripture, does that count? 😉 I’ll work on that. I’ve done okay on staying off the computer, but only because HotStud needs it more to get his homework done.

Current Music: None
Current Mood: sleepy