Top Five Reasons It’s Cool To Be Dory

5. I have a nice house and a decent car and a really cool computer (imac g5) and lots of stuff to play with and read and whatnot.
4. I love my job! After years of dreading going to work every day, I actually don’t mind getting up every morning and going to work and THEN I get to play with InDesign and Quark and Photoshop and Illustrator every single day! I really like the people I work with and haven’t seen or experienced any bad office politics, and they must be getting used to me because they tease me now. :o)
3. I have an incredible circle of friends. I have lots of people that care whether I fall off the face of the earth. I am loved.
2. My sons are not serial-killer potential. They’re smart and cute and they still are happy to hug and kiss me.
1. I am married to Tom, who loves me for who I am (most of the time IN SPITE OF who I am), does all the dishes, does laundry, and is absolutely PHENOMENAL in the sack. And he has a GREAT BIG… heart.
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