Cupid killed my inner child.

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?
Every year Tom and I say we’re not going to get each other anything bcus Valentine’s Day is stupid, made-up, Hallmark holiday that the floral industry uses to jack up their merchandise 1200%. And then he gets me something. I knew I should’ve gotten him something. I suck. He came to work and brought me a card and a gift. He got me an iHome which I’ve really been wanting. I have the best husband in the universe.

I’ve missed Starting Over all week, which really bums me out. On Monday, Days of Our Lives was on at 1 instead and I can’t figure out why. Then Tuesday I forgot to set the vcr and today I did too but Tom managed to catch it and record a half hour of it. Bummer.

I spent all day Saturday on the computer updating my splash page and website. I updated all the pages, turned my photography in my portfolio into web photo galleries, a new splash page which now links the picture of me to the personal page of my website, and an updated navigation bar as well. Woo Hoo!!!
That’s all my news!

And… Emma says “Hi, whatcha doin?”
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