Not resolutions… Goals.

I’ve never been good at keeping resolutions. But I can definitely get down with GOALS.

In 2006, in the interest of striving to be a better woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend… these are my goals.
? Spend at least ten minutes a day in one on one time with each of my sons.
? Pay at least double the minimum monthly payment on my credit cards.
? Spend at least ten minutes a day reading my bible.
? Pray for my husband every day.
? At least once a week in February and March, do the Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease DVD (or other physical exertion). Work up to twice a week in April and May, then three times a week from June until December.
? Limit myself to under 60 minutes of computer time on Monday – Thursday, and 120 minutes on Friday – Sunday.
? Call or e-mail a Girlfriend every day. And I’ll make it tougher… my Nanner (my best friend) only counts once a week!
? At least once a week, call or visit one of my parents.
? Read at least one book every month, and talk about it with someone.
? Not let more than 7 days go by without updating my journal.
These are all quantifiable goals on purpose. I’m either passing myself or failing myself. However, there are a few other issues I want to work on that I don’t have a way of quantifying.
? I will work on quitting that paranoid thing of overanalyzing what that other person must be thinking about me or feeling about me. (Especially my boss and co-workers!)
? Try to talk to Tom about my feelings more.
? Work on not being so Oscar-the-grouch every morning.
? Eat more fruits and vegetables.

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