Here I am!

So here’s me trying to make good on one of my resolutions! OK, it’s my ONLY resolution, but I don’t want it to be. Then it’s THE resolution, and when I fail, I’ve just reneged on ALL my resolutions for 2006! ANYwho…. I had just opened the update page and was shoveling hamburger helper in my mouth when missjhyde IM’d me and was all “Where’s your update, woman?!” It’s good to know someone’s checkin’ in on me. :o) So, as promised, here’s a little bonus sumpin’ sumpin’ for her…

I wanted to show a pic of The Seester and me, but I couldn’t find one right away. But this pic takes us on a lovely jaunt down memory lane, doesn’t it? Don’t forget your uzis and nunchucks in case we get mugged. I am personally arming myself with an aluminum baseball bat. And a .22.
Let’s see…
I like my new job. I’m starting to kind of feel comfortable. I have a hard time getting to know new people. I seriously reserve myself until I figure out how much of my personal brand of crazyness they can handle. I read this really scary article about people getting fired for talking about work in their blog, so I’m going to be really careful about writing about work. I can’t remember if I have said the name of the place I work, but after I update this, I’m going to go check and edit the name if I did. This can be kind of fun though, bcus instead of their real name, I get to name them whatever I want! Today I’ll tell you about my boss…. um… Shit. No, we’re not calling him Shit, it’s just that I realized I used his real name in a previous post. Edit, Edit, Edit. Let’s call him Bilbo. He’s pretty laidback. But I was a little upset with him today bcus he said that I couldn’t listen to my iPod while I was working. He carefully explained the business reasons behind it, if he lets me then he has to let the guys in the back working with the big old machines do it too and that presents a safety hazard. I suppose that’s understandable, but it’s just another authority figure in my life declaring what I cannot do and I must obey or suffer dire consequences, and that generally makes me cranky. I could tell he was uncomfortable and dzn’t like being the bad guy. He’s a bit reserved… 5’7″, about 200 lbs, salt n pepper hair… and I know he likes my work… hmmmm…. his wife and him own the business and work together all day long. I think I could do that with Tom. When we’re apart during the day, I miss him in a mushy way. So. There you go. Bilbo.
I figured out the video thing on my new iPod! I’m so stinkin’ proud of myself. iLounge had some really great articles on how to do it. I downloaded freeware. Handbrake to go from DVD to .mp4 and either iSquint or Moviesformyipod to go from some other movie extentions to .m4v. I even figured out how to strip a small clip out of a chapter of a DVD with Quicktime. Go me!
Backpedalling… This was the best Christmas and New Years I’ve had, EVER. I was able to buy gifts for everyone I wanted to, and the boys got a little spoiled, and there was no family feuds to pussystep around, and the long weekend in Michigan was the best trip we’ve had in a long time. My seester’s house is oh so cute. I wish I could make my house cute. I have so many stinkin’ projects started and not finished.
Tom is at the desk next to me working on algebra homework and muttering about story problems. Good thing I’m not in algebra again. Here’s what would be my homework answers:
1) More information is needed to answer this equation. Is the train from Chicago to New York made of steel? What if Superman was here and was more powerful than the Amtrak? Is there a nasty storm front swirling on the Doppler radar?
2) I don’t know.
3) Who the F cares?!
4) Bite me.

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