Gotta catch ya’ll up!

I don’t know why I end up going so long in between posts. Probably bcus I can’t post at work and when I get home, I don’t like being interrupted when I’m pondering.
Here we go.
I tried to sell my iPod and the jackoff fell off the face of the earth. I relisted it, but I had to wait one week to file an unpaid item strike against him then another week for him to respond, then FINALLY I was allowed to relist it. I did get it sold and buy my new ipod which arrived yesterday. How do you like the engraving?

11/19/2005 – I got paid for my freelancing job and Bilbo asked me to take a couple tests while I was there.

11/23/05 – Bilbo* emailed me…
I wanted to get back to you on how your profile turned out. Both assessments turned out great and there were many strengths that you have that will be a great fit for our organization as well as the graphics position. That being said I would like to see if I could get you to come in on next Thursday or Friday morning to interview with Lucille our lead graphics person and Duh our production manager. If those days do not work please let me know what will. Both Lucille and Duh start at 7am and work until 3pm.

12/05/2005 – Bilbo emailed me…
Dear Dory,
Thank you for coming in this morning and visiting with xxxx and xxxx. I know they both were impressed with your work and your self confidence. They also felt, as I do, that you would make a good addition to our company. Therefore, I would like to offer you a job in our graphics department starting on January 3rd, 2006, which is a Tuesday.
We are offering a starting wage of xx.xx per hour, which will be subject to review along with your performance after your 90 days. After 90 days you will be eligible for our medical insurance program, IRA simple program and a few other benefits, which I will go over with you upon your acceptance of this offer.
We are very excited about having you join our staff and I look forward to a favorable response.

12/06/2005 – I accepted the offer

12/07/2005 – Tom got laid off

12/08/2005 – Tom went to Kirkwood and got enrolled in classes and I told my mgr that I was giving my notice and that my last day would be 12/28/2005

12/09/2005 – took a personal day

12/12/2005 – I got to work and the shit hit the fan. It seemed that everyone already knew and was upset about it. I told one person that I had worked closely with since I started and she snapped, ?Well, now, that would be your decision then, wouldn?t it?!? and stormed off. A witness to the exchange said, ?Somebody?s a little cranky!? I went back to my cubicle and tried to figure out why I would get such a hostile reaction. No one talked to me the remainder of the day. I sent her an email the following morning that said ?Yesterday it seemed that you were angry with me. I am sorry for any trouble or upset my leaving has caused you. You have been a very patient teacher. J.? and did not get a response. Oh, well.

12/13/2005 – Email exchange between me and my manager:
MGR: I need to confirm with you these dates. You gave notice on 12/08/2005. Your last day will be 12/22/2005.
ME: No, I told you my last day would be 12/28/2005.
MGR: No, two weeks from 12/08/2005 would be 12/22/2005.
ME: I know that. I was giving you more than two weeks notice. I saw you write this date on a post-it while we talked.
MGR: No, your last day will be 12/22/2005. HR and B and I talked about it and your last day will be 12/22/2005.
I went to HR and the HR rep apologized all over the place, she said she thought she had made it clear to my mgr that it was supposed to be communicated face to face not via email and that she was to explain the business rules behind it. She said that they didn’t have enough busy work to work me the additional days. Which is bullshit. They just didn’t want to pay me for the christmas holiday. Oh, well. I made it until 12/22/2005 and then had a fantastic christmas and went to visit Mom and P and Sissy. It was a great trip. Got to see the whole family, and we talked and we ate and we watched movies together. Pat watched the boys so T and I could join Sissy and her friends for a new year’s drink. It was one of the best holidays I’ve had in a long long long time.

01/03/2006 – I survived my first day at my new job. I think I am going to be very happy here. The people all seem to be very nice and not afraid to have a little fun while they work. I shadowed the production lead, Duh, back in the press room for a while so I can see how things look on their side of the “world” and then the rest of the day I shadowed the lead graphic designer who showed me what my work was going to be like. This is the position I was envisioning getting when I was going to school. I finally really feel like a real graphic designer, which is very exciting for me!

Ok – now you’re all caught up, I think. One of my new year’s resolutions is to update my journal more! But that’s pretty vague, huh? So I will at least update my journal every Wednesday night.

Happy 2006! Make it Great!

* Names have been changed to protect the wonderful

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