My iPod died. BOO!
My dead iPod sold for $137 on eBay. YAY!
Then Tom bought me a new iPod photo off eBay. YAY!
The day after it was delivered, Apple announced the new iPod video, the rat bastards. BOO!
I sold my iPod photo on eBay for $351 to raise the money for the new iPod video. Half-hearted YAY! so… Yay. I was really hoping that it would go for more than that. I paid $425 for it.
Now the potential buyer has ignored all communication from me. BOO!
I was leary right off the bat anyway bcus when the person won the auction, I saw they had a brand new user ID and zero feedback. I was afraid this would happen. I have to wait until 7 days from auction end, which would be 11/04/2005 at noon, and then I can file an unpaid item strike against the buyer and relist the item. What a pain in the butt. Oh well.
Let’s see… what else is new?
I still like my job! The days go by so fast.
I spent 8 hours on Sunday doing laundry.
*drums fingers on the table*
It’s been almost a year since Tom & I renewed our vows and I put my wedding band back on. I’m more in love with him than I’ve ever been, and that’s a good feeling.
*drums fingers on the table*
That’s about all my news……

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