Today was my first day as a graphic designer. I’m wiped. Typical first day stuff… filling out lots of paperwork, meeting lots of new people, trying to get the building layout down so as not to get frickin LOST on the way back from the potty! My desk area is actually pretty big, about twice as big as my desk at A/T was and I have a printer all to myself. But I’m kind of isolated from other people bcus the floor layout is just stupid. But that could be a good thing bcus I’m a very social person and tend to get sidetracked easily. I should get more work done this way. Between beige everything and not enough lighting, the office is pretty dreary. I need to bring in some stuff to make my work area bright and colorful and happy. Also, my manager said that I will be the department’s InDesign guru, which scares the shit outta me bcus all I know, I’ve taught myself, which isn’t much. Next stop – Amazon.com to get InDesign Classroom in a Book.

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