connect the dots… LA lalala… connect the dots… LA lalala… connect the dots… LA lalala…

All kinds of groovy stuff going on. Had a great visit with my sister, she came in from Michigan.
Only two more days of answering questions about 401k’s. I’m getting very very very excited to start my new job Monday. AND gas has come down a little! Maybe it will continue to come down over the weekend so I don’t have to take out a small loan to fill my gas tank!
My iPod died. I mean it really really really died. It almost died a few weeks ago but I managed to do CPR and bring it back to life. But this time it died and there was no brain activity. So I decided to try to be funny and have its organs donated. I put it up on eBay. Started it at a penny with no reserve. Just goofing around. But I checked it this morning and it’s up to $50.51!!! WTH?!?! Someone is actually going to buy my very very braindead iPod! I bought a new iPod off eBay and it arrived yesterday. So of course I’m playing with it and I’m all excited and last night Tom says, “I’m almost afraid to tell you. But Apple came out with a new iPod yesterday that plays video and it costs the same as the one you got.”

RAT BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I had just waited a couple days, I could’ve had an iPod that played video!
*stomps foot*
That sucks ass.

A little something to make your day brighter… Everyone all at once now… “AAAAWWWWwwwwwwwwwww”

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