Now what???

So PEM offered me the designer position. At first I thought there was no way in the world I’d take it, and I kept my name in the running just to see if I’d get it. Then when they did make me the offer, it paid enough to really make me stop and think, well, maybe I should be entertaining this notion. Then I met with Bilbo (API) last night to see where he stood and he said he definitely wouldn’t be ready to hire another designer until first or second quarter next year. I don’t know.
Pro – the best thing for my career – pays better than what I’m making now – I’d actually be a graphic designer, what I went to school for!
Con – I don’t know what the atmosphere is like – It’s very basic graphic design, not very challenging or creative (designing test booklets and forms for standardized testing) – have to drive to Iowa City and back every day
*bangs head on the wall*
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