I?ve completed my seventh week at Aegon/A/T. It?s frustrating as hell to be back doing what I was doing ten years ago after spending almost two years in school to get away from having to do it. I?m still working on the API stuff. I did that interview at PEM and I totally nailed the interview, but I won?t take the job. It?s all page layout and no graphics. It would be absolutely mind-numbing. Plus I?d have to drive to Iowa City every day. Gas prices are getting a little better but I still don?t want to spend even that much money on gas. Kids are happy and healthy. Since Jenny?s job now prevents her from picking them up from school, we got them into the Boys and Girls Club after school. A van picks them up after school and takes them to the club and then we can pick them up there after we get out of work. They seem to like it. They haven?t complained about it anyway. I got my test date yesterday. I?ll be sitting for the Series 6 licensing exam on October 7. My new scheduled starting October 3 is 9:30 to 6:00. Ew. *pinches nose* I will actually be on the phone by then, taking the abuse of anyone who wants to call me. I am seriously depressed. I wish I had a more aggressive personality ? I would just freelance graphic jobs. But we need something stable like this job of course. I just barely snatched my house from the jaws of foreclosure. I have sent almost my entire check to Nationwide Advantage Mortgage twice now and will continue to until we are completely caught up. I have sent them over $2200 in the last three weeks, but I still got a snotty letter from them yesterday about how I?ve been reported to every credit bureau and I?m a horrible deadbeat no good yadda yadda yadda. I know those things are form letters that are automatically generated, but come on, people, I?m honoring the payment agreement we set up, can ya cut me a little slack???
I?m off to more training. I?m just a glutton for punishment, I guess.
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