I am rejoining the ranks of the employed.

I got the job at Aegon. I will be answering inbound customer service calls from employees with 401k questions and stuff like that there. The starting wage is very fair. Why am I not more excited? Because it’s not in my new field. I could’ve walked out of McLeodUSA and walked into this job the next day and skipped the last almost two years. I hope I didn’t waste my time. I need to be more positive. I did not waste the last two years. I gained training in a brand new field and I will find a job using that knowledge eventually. Help me come up with a plan to meet this goal: To be in a position of Graphic Designer. What sucks is that I put out 18 resumes around town, and what if one of them calls me and says, “I want you to come in and meet me.” I won’t be able to get out of work to do that unless the person is willing to make an after business hours appointment.
BUT… I am employed, and I am going to be helping to pay the bills in the household. That’s definItely a plus!

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