I’m deeply entrenched in Job Hunt mode.

This was the eighth business day of the job search. I’m on monster, careerbuilder, yahoo hot jobs, cedarrapidsiowacityhelpwanted, and a couple different graphic artist portfolio showcase sites. I’ve applied for a couple graphic artist positions here in CR. Well, the one at the Gazette is a Page Designer, which is in my field, but about my least favorite part of graphic design. I’ve bought my domain name and web hosting for it. Now what? I guess the next step is the mass distribution of cold resumes. *sticks out tongue* Yuck.
I’ve had some time to work on some personal projects that I’ve been wanting to give some attention for several months. I sure like that! I’ve went out for lunch a couple times with friends from school. Here’s hoping that we really do stay in touch. One friend has already found a graphic design job, but it’s in Ottumwa, IA. Triple Yuck!
I’m trying to enjoy the quiet time during the day, anticipating the boys being out of school in a couple weeks, then I’ll have to referee all day. And it will be noisy around here all day long. And I’m sure I’ll have lots of “Mom – he won’t share ___”, “Mom, can I have ___”, “Mom, IT’S NOT FAIR!”, “Mom, (insert tattletale stuff here)”. Somebody get me a whistle and a black and white striped shirt.
That’s all for now I guess.

Current Music: watching ER season one on dvd
Current Mood: bored