A little bit of this… a little bit of that…

So Tuesday was my last day of school. I walked out with Kizzle. Spent yesterday just getting things done. Ran out to school and did the digital equivalent of cleaning out my locker – copied all my files off the graphics server onto my iPod to sort later. Went over to the ice arena and for the Rough Riders celebration of winning the Clark cup. Came home and Nanner and Fiona came over to make CD’s and meet Annie. Then I cleaned and worked on my website all evening. It’s as done as it’s ever gonna be, I guess. The website I mean, not the cleaning. That’s just like perpetual. Check out my website at either www.kirkwood.edu/gcs (that one has a couple “objects not found” errors that are in the process of getting fixed) or homepage.mac.com/DoryA/ (that is uploading as we speak but it’s moving at the speed of erosion and may not be done uploading until, I don’t know, the next ice age.
So I have a big problem with the eldest. Stealing and Lying. Big time. We’ve tried negative reinforcement, positive reinforcement, spanking, talking, begging, shaming… and he keeps doing it over and over and over. At school he’s in trouble at least once a week, we get a call from the teacher with the latest shit he’s pulled. So a couple days ago he had detention so I had to wait after school. Well, I went in the office and talked to the school counselor and told him how frustrated I was and what was going on at home as well as what he knew about school. He said that he wanted to bring in a psychologist to observe him in the classroom and see what they would have to say. I have to take him to the doc today to evaluate his dosage of adderall, but he hasn’t gained any weight, so I can’t see why his dosage would need to be raised, unless the ADHD is just getting worse. I’m completely frustrated. I’m disappointed in him. I’m embarrassed. I feel like a failure as a mother.
Back to cleaning.
Buh-bye now.

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