domain name change imminent!

I’ve had since 2007. I’m letting it go.

I’ll be changing the domain name to In 2007, everyone in the blogosphere just used dot com automatically. These days, a buttload of different URL endings are available and indicate to a reader what type of site they’re at.

I’m changing it from dot com to dot me to reflect that this site isn’t a business; this is my personal blog. I think that it’s important now that I’m a business owner to keep business and personal separate.

This won’t stop me from letting you know here what’s going on with my business. 🙂 Especially if something super cool happens, like, when I shoot a wedding (8/5/17!) and it goes super well!

So, please; if you like what I blather on about here, in about a week make sure that your email subscription and/or your Follow is still working! I don’t want to lose you!

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