YES!!! *busts a psuedo-karate-tai-chi-takawakagami-like celebratory move*

Mock Interview/Portfolio Critique: NAILED IT! I think my instructor was very pleased.

Next victim: 04/29 – MiracleGro Ad. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do yet. This is NOT good. 05/04 – Book cover due. Not worried about this. Yet. Online Portfolio Website. *panics*

Further updates as events warrant!

p.s. My art IS in the Kirkwood Art Show. *sheepish grin* It was in Neilsen Hall. I didn’t realize they were exhibiting artwork outside the gallery in Benton Hall.

p.s.s. I will have another place to park tonight! The quarry is delivering 5 tons of Riverstone at 3:30pm. The landscaping is done and ready for them. Tom and I kick ASS.
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