In This Chapter, Piglet discovers Pooh under Gnarly Tree with a Big Pistol pointed at his forehead.

I’m frustrated. Let me count the ways.

1 – One of my target dates was wrong. Mock Interview/Portfolio Critique is 04/21, not 04/22. *grrrrrr*
2 – I went down to the gallery and my art was not there. Sharon had said she would submit it in the art show.
3 – I went to the Job Fair and there was no one there needing a graphic designer.
4 – I worked on my web site last night and took it in this morning for Gregg to help me with it and he said there’s no way to do what I want to do with the software we have. I have to figure out another design.

I put on makeup and my high heeled kickin-butt-and-takin-names power boots for this?!?!

*puts on sweats and curls up in a fetal position wiff banky*
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