And another one…

One more deadline killed. My splash page is done, not spectacular, but done nonetheless.

Next – 04/22 – Mock Interview/Portfolio Critique AND ALSO Team/Client Report. Looming over me is the big website due at the end. So I need to juggle the website and the portfolio for the next 11 days. The Team/Client Report I am not worried about. See, the nice part of doing the lion’s share of the project means the guys don’t feel bad at all about just doing the report. I will not have hardly any work to do for that.

Saturday night we went to a hockey game. JDJ (step-bro) bought the four of us tickets. We won 6-2 and we had a blast! We went bowling afterwards and JDJ and I killed a couple of pitchers of beer. I made it to church, the EARLY service, but he nursed a hangover all that day.

Sunday after church we went to Brighton. Go ahead, ask me why. Because we were looking at a bike! I am the proud owner of a Kawasaki 440 LTD! It’s a really great starter bike. I have never ridden in my life so I’m really nervous about learning. We got it cheap bcus the guy is friends with Tom’s big brother, Bullwinkle.

I am such a lucky woman. My man takes good care of me. Way better care than I deserve. And he’s cute, to boot!

Saturday and Sunday afternoon I tore my yard all up! We’re gonna get a load of gravel to put down another spot to park. So I had to move all my hostas and daylilies. I arranged them so when you park in the new spot, you walk up a walkway to the front door and there’s hostas on both sides of the walkway. Tom moved the yard light which meant digging a new trench and wiring the new light. He’s so darn cool!

So – I got a huge amount accomplished this weekend. I’m very proud of myself.

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