My husband is broken!!!

I took Tom to the hospital on Tuesday morning. He had some sort of intestinal blockage. They put in an NG tube to try to release the blockage (it took three tries!!!) and it was successful. So he didn’t have to have surgery, thank God. The NG was removed at 8pm yesterday. He may be able to come home tonight, but more likely on Friday or Saturday. I’ll write more later — class is almost over and I gotta get outta here and get down to the hospital to take care of my man.

p.s. I’m ticked because I wanted to take ASL I and it’s full but I showed up for a couple just in case someone dropped. But the instructor said that she wouldn’t take one more student and it looks like no one is going to drop AND I can’t keep showing up hoping someone will drop eventually. So I wasted two hours yesterday in that class and I should’ve just stayed at the hospital with Tom. Damn it. Rat bastards. I don’t like that instructor. What’s one more student?!?! Would it kill her???

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