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Not a whole lot going on. My back hurts like a sonuvagun.

I was at school for 11 hours on Monday. Remember the brochure for the church? The one where they chose the brochure I designed and then asked me to design “a couple more” things for them? Well, “a couple more” turned into THIRTEEN more things! And Monday morning they pushed the deadline to that very day, the following morning at the latest! Well, rather than explain the whole thing, I’ll copy-and-paste the email I sent to my instructor about it…

—–Original Message—–
From: Dory A []
SenTom: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 8:27 AM

SubjecTom: Main Lutheran Church

Good Morning, David…

I’m emailing you because I know you’re a very busy man and I wanted you to
be able to consider this at your convenience. I didn’t want you to feel
like I was putting you on the spot and you could mull this over and
respond when it’s convenient for you, whether it be face-to-face or email,
I really don’t mind either way, whatever is good for you.

I wanted to get your input on something that I’ve been fretting about.
Main really ticked me off.

On Monday, Judy sent that email that said, “Oh, by the way, We need this
done NOW.” On the list of deadlines, she had this first deadline (for the
newsletter and the stationery) set for 10/01/04. But then on 09/27/04,
she says, “We need this today, at the very latest tomorrow.” They also
hadn’t decided whether they were going to go with burgundy or navy in the
logo, and she also JUST gave me their decision on that Monday morning. So
I had to deal with a MAJOR deadline change AND a last minute decision on
their part. As a result, I ended up at school for 11 hours on Monday,
over five of it dedicated just to Main.

Now, I know this kind of thing happens all the time in the business world,
but I’m doing this job for FREE. Moving up a deadline a week with almost
no notice is just flat wrong, especially when they’re working with a
student for FREE. It was a good thing I was caught up on all my
assignments, because if I hadn’t been, THAT would have been my first
priority, and I may not have gotten their job done by their new deadline.

OK, actually, in truth, one of my weaknesses, or “areas of opportunity” in
business speak, is that I can be too much of a people pleaser. If I say
I’m going to do something, I do it, even if the rules are changed and it’s
not fair, and at great personal sacrifice. But they don’t know that. I
could’ve said, “Sorry, you should have given me more notice of the
deadline change. I must finish these school assignments first. I will not
be able to accomodate you moving the deadline up this quickly.” But
what’s more likely is I would’ve finished my assignments and then met her
crappy deadline change even if I had had to stay up until midnight, even
though it wasn’t fair or even courteous of her to pull said crappy
deadline change. When I hit the “Real World”, (and I use that term
loosely *chuckling*), I will have to face this weakness and stand up for
myself, and I might as well start now.

What I would appreciate from you is your honest input, no matter whether
it’s “Suck it up and move on” or “You have a very valid point”. I think
someone needs to say to Main (whether it’s Judy or the Pastor), in
essence, “That wasn’t cool. We accomodated THIS time, but please don’t do
that again.” AND “Since you decided 10/01/04 actually means 09/27/04, are
we to assume that every single one of these deadlines are supposed to be
moved up a week?” AND also remind them that they’re getting this for FREE
from a student and they need to understand that it’s a much different
situation than if they were paying a graphic designer for their services.

Do you think this should be said or not?

And if so, should I speak to them, or would you be willing to do this?

If you think I need to speak, I would appreciate your backup or moral
support or whatever you want to call it, and have you there when I do it.

Thanks, David!



I did talk to him today and he said he thought I had probably given in too much. That was why when she sent me the email and she cc’d him, and I said okay and cc’d him, he came to me and said, “are you SURE?” and I said “yes, I said I’d do it and I will.” He said he was trying to give me an out right then if I thought that it would be too much for me in addition to my schoolwork. I thought he was saying, “don’t let me down.” but he said, “no no no, I was trying to give you an out!” and he also said that if they did that again, that he would 100% back me up. We decided to not talk to them about it this time and let this incident slide, but if they did it again, that we would say, “nope, sorry, not enough notice.” This is a huge load off my mind! I woke up early this morning (5am – that’s BEFORE the butt-crack of dawn!) and I couldn’t get back to sleep because I started worrying about it.

CBin paid me for the laptop and I got my Pell grant refund and my student loan check was mailed this morning, so it won’t be too long before I can order my iMac!!! I’m SO excited!!!

Last night I went to the local Nextel office to see about adding a phone to my account because it has been a major pain in the ass sharing my phone with Tom since he had to turn in his when he got laid off. For instance, on Sunday morning I spoke with CBin about going to church with me Sunday night. She said, “Do you want directions to my house now?” and I said, “no, I remember up to a point and I’ll just call you when I get to that point.” And then Tom took Rocky (and the phone!) to help JDJ move and I took Dino to WalMart grocery shopping and I got back home and he wasn’t home yet so I didn’t have the phone. Now I couldn’t call CBin to get directions, but I thought well, I’ll just drive to that point and maybe I’ll remember. Well, no such luck. I drove around for a friggin’ hour, and then finally gave up and drove to Dad’s, looked up her number in the phone book, called her, and she didn’t answer, so I left a message about what happened. Then I decided to sit and wait there at Dad’s for Tom to come back. In the meantime, CAL called and then said she’d come over and talk while I waited and brought some Taco Bell to boot. (mmmmmmm – drop da chalupa) Then CBin called and said that when I didn’t show up on time, she just went on ahead to church! I felt just horrible! I thought she didn’t have a vehicle and that’s why she needed me to pick her up! So I should’ve went ahead to church! Anywho, then Stepmomster got home and talked for awhile and she was home for about a half hour then said, “Tom isn’t coming back here; he’s going to Iowa City to see his brother in the hospital.” AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *bangs head against the wall* So I took Dino home and put him in bed and Tom didn’t get home until 10pm. Soooooo, back to the Nextel office. I signed up for a plan and picked out a phone. Then I got home and Tom asked what I paid for the phone and I said “he gave me a $200 phone for $119.” He said “that guy ripped you off because I talked to another Nextel guy today that said he would give you that same phone for $35.” So I called the office back and left a voicemail and told him to cancel the order. I knew he wouldn’t send the order that night because it was too late. And I told Tom if that guy listened to the voicemail, sent the order anyway, and then said he didn’t get the voicemail until after he sent the order I would be pisssssssssed. So Tom had the phone this morning. I asked Dana to borrow her phone and called Tom and asked if the guy called back. He said yes he did and that he said he would give me the phone for free if I wouldn’t cancel the order!!! Yay!!! I went from paying $119 for a $200 phone to paying $35 and then paying NOTHING! I said, “Now he means FREE right, not paying for the phone and then maybe getting a rebate, right?” He said, “yes, I made very sure!” So my new phone should arrive FedEx tomorrow afternoon! Yay!!!!!!!!

Photoshop is about to start – gotta scoot!
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