Beer Good.

I’m getting so excited for Saturday night to hurry up and get here. We’re celebrating Nanner’s Birfday!!! Here’s who’s RSVP’d so far: Nanner, Fiona, Jamie (celebrating her birfday too), Lisa, Me, Tom, Pete, Lisa (another one), Jenny, Robert (celebrating HIS birfday too!), Shelly, & Gregg. I don’t know if Brian has rsvp’d. And Shannon and Brian said they couldn’t go, but when I talked to her today, she said they will stop by after they get done at their previous engagement. That’s a buttload of people!!! and Chuck n Dale’s is SMALL!!!
I’m sitting here ripping music and copying music over. Gregg let me borrow his external hard drive so I could get all my digital negatives off the server here at school and take them home. And I copied all my mp3’s, all 3500+ of them, onto his external hard drive so he has something to play on his new iPod. Did I mention I’m getting an iMac? Yes, it’s true; I’m a new convert of Windows to Mac. I’ve passed over to the dark side. *chuckles* Just waiting for dragon_roze to get her student loan check so she can pay me for the laptop she bought from me, and also my student loan check and Pell grant refund check.
Looks like the files are done being copied. Gotta go pick up the hahnyocks. If you don’t know what a hahnyock is, ask trienne. Gramma B used to call us hahnyocks. Oh, the memories. *rolls eyes* *dashes off to get the aforementioned hahnyocks*

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