I saw Tone Loc’s ASS.

Ya know, like every night when I’m trying to sleep I think “I wish I wrote in my journal today”.

I haven’t had my computer since June 14 because Best Buy will burn in the fiery bowels of hell for their sins against me. But I’m not bitter. I’m in the home stretch though. They finally sent me my old hard drive. I got it on Saturday afternoon and transferred the files on Saturday night. Then Sunday I gave it back to them and they gave me the new laptop to replace the old one, that was a two hour ordeal in which they further demonstrated their complete ineptitude and lack of regard for the customer. But now I have the laptop and soon as it’s sold, I’ll get my Mac.

Last night I went over to Nanner’s to reformat her hard drive (this was a rousing failure). She said that she was talking to K, and K said that she got a C on her first test. She said that at first she felt bad bcus she wanted to get A’s like me, but then she thought about it and DIDN’T feel bad. Why? Bcus the things that she was taking (comp 1, psych, basic math) required more memorization and were harder. Bcus after all, all Dory does is draw purdy pictures on the computer so it’s easier to get A’s. OK, girls, this really bothered me. In fact, it really hurt my feelings. That completely invalidates how hard I work and how many hours I put in on my schoolwork. I think I want to talk to K about it, but I’m not sure how to go about it. I think the first thing she would do is say, “oh Nanner misquoted me. I didn’t say that.” This could be solved by C being there when we talked, then we don’t have the “telephone game” effect. What do you think?

I bet you’re wondering where in the hell that Subject above came from! C, K, and I went to Cabo’s in early August for this concert with C&C Music Factory, Tone Loc, and Vanilla Ice. C&C was AWESOME, Tone Loc was AWESOME, and Vanilla Ice SUCKED ASS. But the funniest thing was when Tone Loc MOONED the audience!!! So, I saw Tone Loc’s ass! I have to get the pics up on imagestation for ya eventually.

Not last night but the night before, I was having a terrible time getting to sleep. This was what was going through my mind.

Every day, I try to forget that I remember you

Someday, I will remember that I forgot you

I want to purge you from my heart but my heart does not want to be purged

So my mind and my heart remain in conflict and refuse to play nicely together

I hate that you have this place in my heart I hate that you still have this effect on me

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Current Mood: contemplative