A good friend will bail you out of jail. A true friend will say, “DAMN, that was fun.”

I’m sorry I didn’t update as promised! School got really hectic and I didn’t have time! I suck!

I’m uploading all the final images from my digital photography class. You can look at them at www.imagestation.com. You will have to register for a name and password, but it’ll take 2 minutes, tops. Then search for my pictures by my username, Dorynoel.

Ohhhhhh, let’s see. What’s been going on? For someone who’s been so darn busy, I don’t have much new in my life! Last weekend, I actually stayed home Friday and Saturday night for the first time in months. I got a lot of cleaning done and watched a few movies. I have lots of stuff coming up to keep me busy. Next weekend, going to Michigan. Weekend after that, going to the races with Nanner. Weekend after that, I’m having a cookout. Weekend after that, there’s a concert at Cabo that me, Nanner, and Fiona are going to.

I’m in school Mon-Fri 8am to noon, and T & Th 6:30pm-9pm. Still waiting to find out what I got in my Digital Photography class.

Part of the reason I haven’t been updating is because my computer is in the Best Buy hospital and has been gone for 4 weeks now. I used to write out my journal entry, put it on my USB flash, and bring it to school and upload it. My computer should be back soon (I hope!) and also I should have internet again soon. My next door neighbor is putting in high speed and setting up a wireless network.

I’m working on my resume and my cover letter and hope to get it out there in the next week. Unemployment benefits ran out middle of May, so I have no income. We’re living on Tom’s income, and selling stuff to make the mortgage. It sucks ass. But hopefully I’ll be employed soon. If I can’t get into one of the design studios here in town right away, I’ll work at HandiMart or something for the time being. I keep reminding myself it will all be worth it when either I’m gainfully employed or graduate, whichever comes first!!!

Current Music: it’s eerily quiet here in the computer lab!
Current Mood: artistic