bright spot?!

After I finished my last entry, I packed up my stuff and made my way from the cyber cafe to my next class. On the way, I saw my design teacher, Sharon, and she stopped me and said, “You are just the person I was looking for! I decided to use this design you turned in this morning, so I need a title and price for your piece.”
I was confuzzled and said, “I thought that you were going to use the other one we talked about in the spring show later?”
She said, “Yes, that’s right, AND I want to use THIS one in the Kirkwood Art Show. But all I need from you is a title and a price to turn it in.”
I was completely shocked.
After a little quick discussion, I titled it “Search for Order” and priced it at fifty bucks.
I needed that.
I’m almost scared to feel pleased.
As Bartok said in ‘Anastasia’ – “Wow! I tell you what… Wow!”

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