nuthin’ much

I really should update as often as Jessica, but I find myself only turning to my livejournal when I’m in a particularly contemplative mood. I need to update when happy things happen too, or you’re going to think I’m just depressed or uncontent or restless all the time. I’m not. Just most of the time. *sigh*
We had a fantastic time at the hockey game on Friday night. It was just me, Nanner, and Fiona.

What else? Hmmmmmm.
I’m going to sell my cats into slavery if they don’t shape up. They’ve made attempts on the life of my orchid before, but yesterday they killed it. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

I was reading one of Jessica’s posts about her moods and it really made me think. I think I can identify a cycle to my moods. I’m incredibly depressed for a couple weeks, then I’m really up and happy and I get tons accomplished for about a week and a half, then a couple just ok days, then I crash and burn and the cycle repeats itself. The depression sets in a little less than a week before my period. I’m not really happy with the way the wellbutrin has been treating me lately, but it would probably friggin help if I would take it consistently! I also haven’t been on my concerta for my ADD since I got laid off. Prescriptions are too damned expensive without insurance, so I skimp on the wellbutrin and don’t even buy the concerta. I’m anxious a good part of the time, and if I catch myself feeling happy, my next thought is, “What’s wrong with me? I’m happy. Something must be wrong.”

Gotta go to class…….
AKA nessa bessa boodle chick’n noodle (Fiona just came up with this a couple nights ago!)
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