somebody smack me upside the back of the head (is that possible???)

Notice this is the first friends only I’ve entered in a while. Tom needs to NOT read this.
I had a dream last night. My entire neighborhood experienced a power outage and all gathered at one person’s house. (I know, I know, WHY did we do this, who knows, it’s a DREAM, work with me here.) Anywho. Guess who was there? MW. And I was all freaked out. In the dream, I saw him and he saw me, but we ignored each other and I was so unhappy that I started crying and then I woke up. I need closure or something on this relationship. I certainly wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t “closure” per se, but rather an aquaintance type relationship where I knew we weren’t purposefully ignoring each other. I think I need to email him about this. I know I must sound like a basket case. But I think about both CAL and MW at least once a day, and it bothers me. It wastes my thought time. For both these people, when they come up in conversation, or they wander in my thoughts, I feel negative feelings. For MW, I feel sad. For CAL, I feel mad. I am purposefully avoiding both these people physically. I think maybe if I talk to both it would help, like… shit, I don’t know. But purposefully avoiding them physically certainly isn’t working. It’s making me crazy. Good Lord, feelings SUCK ASS.

On a happier note – yesterday my design teacher told me she’s putting one of my projects in the spring show!!! Go Me!!!
There was one other thing I thought of last night that I was going to put in here and I’m having a DORY moment! Dammit!
I need to remember to put in my journal some of the funny/cute things my sons say. I need to tell them these things when they’re like 16 and can appreciate how funny they were.

Oh, me and Nanner decided we need to create a list of “THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO SAY TO YOUR CATS OR CHILDREN”. You know, those phrases that just pop out and you run it back through your head and think, “Holy shit, did I just have to say that out loud?!?!” Here’s my first contribution.
“Dino, Stop Licking The Cat.”

Seriously. I just made myself laugh out loud remembering actually having to say that. *still chuckling* I’ll make an attempt to document further contributions here as events warrant. *STILL chuckling*
Dammit! I was going to play my Sims, but I got all caught up in updating my journal and IM’ing and I ran out of time! And I was even rewarding myself! Last night I found an old cd rom that I used as backup before I reformatted my old computer’s hard drive. It had like 500mb of Sim’s objects and skins on there that I thought were gone forever. And a lot of the stuff you can’t get anymore bcus my favorite Sim’s site went pay-per-item instead of free downloads. The bastards. So I moved all my old families and houses and stuff into this computer so the next time I open the game, I’ll have all my old stuff plus all my new expansion pack stuff. I told myself I wouldn’t do this until my advertising homework was done, and I just finished it, then went on this break, I was all excited about it, and I ended up journaling and IM’ing instead! Bother! Oh well!

Shit – four minutes till mac class – gotta scoot!
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