*humming the “smurfs” theme song*

I’m in the cyber cafe at school. I found the outlets in here for the cable internet, it’s plugged into MY laptop, and I’m SUCH a happy camper. Cool, cool, cool.

School’s good. I’m a little behind in design, but I have plenty of time to catch up before the big color theory project is actually due. I don’t like mixing colors. It’s not “1 drop of yellow plus 1 drop of blue = 2 drops of green” and the impreciseness of it all just rubs me the wrong way and makes me feel all overwhelmed. But last night I finished the white to yellow to black row, and that’s more than half the battle, to get the first set finished and move onto the next row. Now that I have kind of the gist of it, I’m ready to tackle the other 11 rows.

OK, I’m not as much of a happy camper as I previously described. Someone in here is wearing too much cologne, and there’s a rather lively discussion of wiccan and the occult going on not ten feet away from me, and it’s really weirding me out. Anywho.

I downloaded a bunch of objects for my Sims. There’s a special bed, chair, and bear skin rug that makes them horney and I can’t wait sic the nasty little boogers on them! As my life is so overwhelming and out of control, I can play Goddess to my little lovely Sim Families! *LOL* I’m so thankful that other Sim fans have time to make new little objects for the Sims and share them online, because I sure as hell don’t have the time to make new stuff for my Sims!

I’m too busy. I miss my girlfriends. I have a bible study on thessalonians every other thursday, a bible study group on emotional boundaries every wednesday, and Tom and I started a Marriage Enrichment class at Sunday School. Plus classes, plus homework, plus housework = one frazzled li’l me! I need to pencil some “girlfriend time” in my planner.

Tom and I are doing pretty ok. He had said a couple weeks ago that he’d like to empty his storage garage and move it in so as to save $75/month. I kind of blew it off. Then last night he said, “It occurred to me that maybe you’re not ready for me to move my stuff in.” Um, YEAH. But I can’t tell him that. He’s always got to figure it out for himself because I can’t bring myself to open my mouth and say the things I need to, to keep myself OK, because I don’t want to hurt his feelings. This is where I hope the emotional boundaries class at church will help me out in that department. I’m ok with Tom as long as we’re just going day to day, but the moment we get into a discussion, I’m contemplating air fare to mexico. I have been so depressed. In a lot of ways, I was happier when we were separated. But I miss him when he’s gone. I still feel pretty “touch me not”. I’m not happy. But I’m happier than I was a few weeks ago. *deep sigh* I can’t wait for spring. I detest winter.

Well, I’m off to class…


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