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school’s fine. I think i’ll handle this semester pretty well. five classes is a lot when you’ve been out of school for nine years, but it’s a lot of intro stuff. in my Intro to Micros & DP class, we’ve been forewarned of a huge project to be presented at the end of the semester. It’ll be a five minute speech/presentation on the subject of “How Computers Have Affected….” and you fill in the blank. Can’t be too broad or the research will be to hard to handle and can’t be to specific or I won’t be able to talk for a full five minutes. any suggestions???

at the risk of sounding like i’ve mainlined some testosterone, I hate talking about my feelings to tom. he pointed out that in our relationship, we’ve reversed stereotypical roles. he’s the chick and i’m the dude. he likes to talk about his feelings, and I on the other hand, do not. and it seems that I only have this problem with talking about my feelings with him. it’s not like my idea of a great time to talk about my feelings with my girlfriends, but it’s not impossible and almost always helpful. monday night we got into a rather intense discussion because I made a reaction to the cute guy on the dr pepper commercial. it was like a “mmmm” with oomph, is the best way I can describe it. and he let me know that when I did that, it hurt his feelings. I had to literally bite my lip so I wouldn’t say “oh, for petesake, just shut the hell UP.” in my defense, I absolutely hate to be kept up late when I have to be up early in the morning, and this discussion went way past 2am when I had to be up at 6:30am for my 8am class. so I was very cranky anyway. but he talked and he talked and he talked and he talked and he talked (get the picture?) and then when I paraphrased back to him what I thought his point was, he said no that’s not it at all and then he talked and he talked and he talked and he talked. and I still didn’t get it.
brief overview of the conversation minus tom talking 90% more than me. i’m a bottom-line kinda girl.
tom: when you make that reaction, it makes me feel bad bcus you don’t make that reaction to me.
Dory: but i’m here with you.
Tom: that’s not my point.
Dory: then what is?
Tom: you made that reaction to that guy based on his looks, like his buff chest, and I don’t have a buff chest. (this took him approximately 7 minutes of talking to convey this)
Dory: i’m sorry. I don’t think it’s that big a deal. he’s just this fake guy that i’ll never meet, and I am with you. if it was a commercial for a new dodge ram, i’d probably make the same reaction. [not that i’d have sex with a truck, but you understand me, right?!]
Tom: that is the same logic that every other man in the world would use when his woman was giving him shit for looking at victoria’s secret commercials or whatever. that’s amazing that you are using the same logic that every other MAN in the world would use.
…and it went on and on and on and on for like 2 hours. sheesh. if i’m going to make this marriage work, we have GOT to come up with a less painful method of communication. I absolutely detest having a meaningful discussion with him about us. I feel like his words suffocate me.

i’m at the cyber cafe at the college. I thought that if I brought my laptop in here, I could use their internet connection. wrong. but you can use their computers that are internet ready. but then I don’t have my trillian etc that’s on my computer. oh well. gotta go; gotta be in class in 9 minutes.


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