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i found this blog a few weeks ago and i’ve been checking in on her regularly. she is absolutely hilarious. More than once i’ve been laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my cheeks trying to read it out loud to tom and then snorts start sneaking into my laughter. check her out –
I’ve been feeling so weird lately. restless. uncontent. impatient. Forget riding the cranky bus, i’m drivin’ it. it’s making me crazy. ok, I was crazy to begin with, so it’s making me crazier. I don’t know what to do about it. what can I do? deny it and force a pillow of positive thinking on it until it smothers? ride it out? I want to be able to DO SOMETHING to make it stop. I just want to be content.
i went to iowa city on tuesday. tom was working a job there, had lunch with him. then I went over to the coral ridge mall and walked around for a few hours.
i’m in trouble. I sent off my house pymt yesterday. tom thought he would be able to get me some money towards that but his check was shorter than he thought it would be and the union owes him some money and they cashed a check he wrote them for dues and they still haven’t reimbursed him the money they owe him so he has a couple bounced checks. I forgot to make my unemployment call until tuesday morning and it was too late so I didn’t get paid today. they’ll pay me double next week, but the money’s not there to make the check for the house pymt good. I need a miracle.
we had marriage counseling last night and it went pretty well. my assignment is to enforce my emotional boundaries. hmmmm.
i’m gonna go hit the shower. Nanner took a half day off and we’re going to go get some lunch and then go get my books out at kirkwood.

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