In This Chapter, Dory Suffers Alcohol-Induced Amnesia. -OR- It’s Not Tequila; It’s Tah-KILL-ya.

so I promised to tell ya about taking tom to the pops and introducing him to my stuff to do group. that was two weekends ago. part of the penance of ignoring my journal too long is it takes a lot to catch up! bcus now I also have to tell you about my birthday party! but first things first. a couple months ago, when tom had just started staying every night, an email came out from my stuff to do (hereafter known as S2D) group. a big invite to get together for the cedar rapids symphony holiday pops. after thinking about it for a few days, I invited tom to be my date. this was a big thing for me bcus the s2d group was my thing alone. I started going right after, I mean RIGHT after I left tom. like two weeks after I left tom, I was moping around and CB said, “you need to go with me tonight to my s2d group.” and I had confided in a couple of those people, ok mostly one, and this was my “i’m separated from my husband” thing. I knew that if I took tom and invited him, that even though we aren’t fully reconciled, that would be the end of being recognized as “separated”. there was a couple guys there that I wouldn’t have minded if I could’ve seen if they’d ask me out on a date. but then what? LOL I don’t want to actually go out on a date with them, I just want to know if they’d ask me! LOL sooooo, anyhoo, I asked tom to be my date. they started out at the clark alumni house for cocktails and hor dourves. we walked in and sure enough, as I was taking off my coat, someone said, “who’s this you’ve brought with you?” *LOL* and so I introduced tom to a bunch of people I knew and then we went to the symphony and enjoyed the holiday pops, and then we went to the top of the five for more cocktails and live jazz. the group drank and talked for a long time, and everyone left around 11. tom and I stayed and talked and danced until around 1. it was very nice. almost like a real date. I had a really fantastic time! someone took pictures, but they haven’t posted them to the website yet.
i think i’ve gotten all my christmas shopping done now. good thing. i’m out of money. here it is 12-22 and I have maybe 100 bucks saved towards my house pymt due 01-01. tom says don’t worry, we’ll make sure it gets paid. on one hand, i’m like, cool, he stays here, he can help me make my bills. on the other hand, i’m like, I don’t want help, I want to do it on my own, I want to be independant and pay my own bills. *sigh* shit happens, I guess. but i’ve bought the boys all their christmas gifts. they’ll have a good christmas. I want my boys to get great loot, but I want them to be grateful for it.
Nanner threw me the best birthday party EVER EVER EVER!!! it was Nanner, Fiona, jamie, stacey and me out at the Ho Jo Express by the airport. I thought they just got a room and called it good, but I walked in and they yelled “surprise!” and there were streamers and signs and a birthday cheesecake AND (drum roll, please) a quart of Hornitos Tequila!!! it’s ONLY the smoothest tequila EVER and i’ve wanted a bottle of my own forever! I was very shocked! and we had cheese and crackers and salami and pizza and chips! so I got out my shot glasses and shared a double shot with my girlfriends, and then I had a beer, and then another double shot, and folks, THAT’S about when things start to get hazy. we got on our suits and went down to the pool and swam and sat in the hot tub, and I remember suggesting a game of truth or dare, but I don’t remember anything past that. so the next couple hours I have no recollection of whatsoever, and the girls fondly regaled me with tales of my stupidity after I came to the following morning! apparently, I puked on my pillow and they all had to clean up after me *puts head in hands in embarrassment* soooo I won’t be mixing my drinks for quite awhile, hopefully NEVER. I have less than half of my quart of tequila left, and the girls said that yeah I shared, but a whole lot of it I drank all by myself. AND beer AND watermelon pucker AND wine AND KQJ’s tequila AND God-knows-what-else. they should name a drink that. “God-knows-what-else”. what a great name for a drink! So a biiiiiiiiiiig thanks goes out to my girlfriends, especially Nanner, for the very best birthday party ever, and a biiiiiiiiiig thanks to Fiona for cleaning up me and my barf! *shudders* THANKS GIRLS! YOU’RE THE BEST!!!
yesterday while I was recuperating and nursing a really bad hangover, complete with nausea and dry heaves, tom got my waterbed moved upstairs. I haven’t done anything with the upstairs since CAL moved all her shit out, and it’s about time I did that! so I have my bed in the big room upstairs, and it might be warm enough to sleep in tonight. I can’t seem to get my tv where I want it though. it’s small, so it has to be close to the bed, and i’d like to put it at the end of the bed, but it kinda spoils the view as you walk in the room to see the back of the tv. so right now I have it off to the side, and that will work I guess until I figure out something else. then the small room upstairs will be my study/den thing. I use my computer here in the living room the most, but i’ll set up my desk up there so I can go up there and work if I have to. and my filing cabinet. and all my partylite paperwork. so a biiiiiiiig thanks goes out to tom, bcus he got my bed all set up and I said, “i was wrong. I don’t want it like this. I want it like that.” and he said, “ok.” not, “are you kidding me, I just spent several hours setting this up and now you want it turned 180 degrees?!?! are you insane, woman?!?!” he said, “ok.” and spent another couple hours disassembling it and re-assembling it with the headboard on the other wall and filling it up. i’m pretty sure it will be warm enough to sleep in tonight. we’ve been sleeping on the pull out sofa for the last couple nights. it’s surprisingly comfortable, but I wouldn’t want to do it for any longer length of time.
i better go try to find something for supper. mother hubbard’s cupboards are kinda bare. wish me luck.

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