as the dust settles…

found just a couple of her things and got them back to her and we communicated peacefully. I just hope that she does pay me. my severance has almost run out. I get paid a full check tomorrow and a half a check on 11/14 and then that’s that. i’m on unemployment. i’m going to have to find a part-time job to supplement the unemployment benefits. I have to take a couple tests out at kirkwood, a couple meetings with the faculty of the graphics program, send in my financial aid form, and get enrolled in school. I wish I could just fast forward a year. 2004 is going to be challenging, but in a good way. i’m gonna be broke, broke, broke… but i’m going to have a light at the end of the tunnel. and that light will be my associate’s degree in december 2004. I have to cram 4 semesters into 3 semesters (winter, summer, and fall) in order to do that.

at one time I said, “2003 has GOT to be better than 2002.” I think I jinxed it. 2002 saw tom and I with so many medical problems, and the medical bills to go with it. then in 2003, I left my husband, moved in with my dad, bought a house, my car blew up before I even made my first house payment, I bought a car, and before I had a chance to make my first car payment, I got laid off, and my roommate screwed me over and I ended my third longest friendship I started in iowa. (the first was carrie, who I met just a couple months after I moved here in 1994, and she screwed my husband. the second is sue, and we’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re fine. i’ve known seth and bubba about that long, but they’re guys and guyfriendships are a whole different ballgame than girlfriendships.)

what’s up with me and tom? who knows.

i have a lapful of sleeping kittens, and life is good. it’s a little hard to type, but they’re all warm and toasty. :o) I had to email Nanner earlier today with their latest shananigan… I was dumb enough to leave my laptop open and unattended. when I got outta the shower, they had somehow opened like 15 windows, the computer was TALKING, (somehow they activated the narrator for blind people), and the f10 was gone, and elmer was froze with his little deer in the headlights look, caught gnawing on the clips at the top of the monitor that click the laptop shut, and emma had the sense to dart off the keyboard to the carpet climber and shoot me her best innocent look as if to say ‘i told him not to play with your laptop, mommy, but he wouldn’t listen to me!’ ” fortunately for them, their cuteness is my kryptonite, so they will be spared a little while longer. i’m going to have to take my computer into best buy bcus I can’t get the f10 key back on. thank God for warranties.

*shakes fists at the stupid cute kittens*
*gives the adorable little boogers kisses*
*spits cathair off my lip*


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