She didn’t contact me of course.

I spent the last couple days packing all her stuff up into boxes and I’ll put it in the basement. I’ve been told by several of my friends that the VM warning isn’t enough and that I should put it in writing and give it to her. I’m taking this advice. So this week I’ll draft a short letter to pay by XXX date or I will assume she’s abandoned her personal belongings. I fully expect her to ignore that too. I wish the VM was enough and that I could move on to selling her stuff to try to recover what she owes me and send whatever’s left to goodwill, bcus I don’t want to even see any of her crap. I’ll probably have someone deliver the letter to her down at penguin’s which is the only place I know where to catch her. I couldn’t sleep last night until around 2am. When I am worrying about something, I can’t turn off my brain. I just lay there and stare at the ceiling and fret and fret and fret about it. I finally fell asleep last night by deciding that I needed to think of something else, and I started thinking, what if I won an Ar-Jay designer kitchen? *LOL* So I drifted off to sleep dreaming of color-coordinated kitchen appliances and a breakfast bar. *LOL* I’m a crazy sillyhead, I know.

Current Music: the Browns at the Steelers game, 10-3 in the 2nd
Current Mood: frustrated