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—- New Conversation [Fri, 11:14 am] —-
CB says: how are things now?
CB says: I come and go between good and bad
Dory says: me too.
Dory says: I had an foc call go way bad
Dory says: oh well
Dory says: it’s fixed
CB says: cranky customer?
Dory says: yeah, the rep ordered NO pic. so we put on 9199.
cust says, “so now we shouldn’t have to dial 1010222 anymore,
Dory says: *smacks self in the forehead*
Dory says: so i’m like, “you want mci, not NO ld carrier?”

Dory says: she says like i’m a moron, “um YES”
CB says: goodness…….Like we can read her mind!
Dory says: ok – I just got this spooky feeling.
Dory says: *all flustered*
CB says: what????? tell me………..
Dory says: it’s like…
Dory says: ok, so i’ve been on the phone a lot of the morning
with the bank and robert (the salesman) about a vehicle
Dory says: (sorry – on the phone)
CB says: ……….waiting………… :o)
Dory says: ok – I had to leave a vm for this guy and it was three
Dory says: ok
Dory says: and you know how bad I want this alero
Dory says: and I prayed about it
Dory says: and i’m ok with not getting it if i’m not s’posed to
Dory says: but I had to give it one last plea with the bank this
Dory says: and so I know they’re working on it now as we speak
Dory says: so i’m going along just checking my foc’s
Dory says: and I just got this spooky feeling
Dory says: like, something’s happening RIGHT NOW and it’s in
His hands and He’s taking care of me
Dory says: I don’t know how
Dory says: I just know
Dory says: I don’t know what vehicle i’m s’posed to end up with,
but whatever I do, He put His hand on it.
Dory says: whew
Dory says: i’m done
CB says: isnt’ it so cool to get the feeling though! How
awesome to know he does work in our lives……..we just
have to ask for his help even if it not what we want to end
up with, but usually something better! Wow! :o)
CB says: I feel like crying now!
CB says: really!
CB says: :o)
Dory says: *misty-eyed*

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