And they all lived happily ever after. For the most part.

for anyone who doesn’t know yet – I closed on 07/24/2003 and i’m actually getting settled in now. moving is a severe pain in the ass. you may wonder why it’s been so long since I wrote. well, first of all, every friggin time I wrote “looks like we’re on track now for the house” something would go horribly wrong. so I figgered i’m not jinxing myself anymore! then, second, duh, i’ve spent every spare moment moving so I haven’t had time to write. also, work has been real busy so I haven’t had time to write there either. I probably shouldn’t be taking the time right now to be writing, but I just couldn’t stand it. I have huge drama going on with Fiona, and I can’t even write all about it bcus it would take like two years. i’ll sum it up though… i’m right, she’s wrong, shut up. ‘kay. glad that’s covered. suffice to say at this point, she’s not moving in. but i’m not bitter. LOL

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