better to have loved and lost… what the… um,heck… ever, man.

within 24 hours I had my dream house then lost it. dammit dammit son of a bitch.

CAL and I are going to do a couple shots of tequila tonight. we’ll drink to the house I loved and lost.

back to square one AGAIN.

IM with Ryan this afternoon:
[15:35] Dory: I lost that house.
[15:35] Ryan: what??? how??
[15:35] Dory: Stepmomster called and said the sale that was pending on it, they were sure it was going to fall apart.
[15:35] Dory: well, it didn’t.
[15:36] Ryan: oh damn – I am so sorry
[15:36] Dory: dammit dammit son of a bitch.
[15:36] Ryan: I agree
[15:37] Dory: amy just said, “this means there’s an even better house out there for ya”

[15:37] Dory: I told her, “then at this rate i’ll end up with a mansion for twenty bucks.”
[15:37] Ryan: lol
[15:37] Ryan: you will find an even better house
[15:37] Dory: *weak grin*
[15:37] Ryan: this one was probably infected with asbestos
[15:38] Dory: and termites
[15:38] Ryan: exactly
[15:38] Dory: and was on an indian burial ground
[15:38] Ryan: exactly
[15:38] Ryan: with lead paint
[15:38] Dory: and toxic waste in the back yard
[15:39] Ryan: oh – I’m sure it does

IM with Dave this afternoon:
[16:28] Dory: I can’t work.
[16:28] Dory: I can’t think straight.
[16:29] Dave: Why? Boys on the brain again?
[16:29] Dory: houses.
[16:30] Dave: Wouldn’t that hurt to have one of those on your head?
[16:30] Dory: :-T
[16:31] Dave: Relax. Be calm, be mellow
[16:31] Dory: I’m on the verge of an anxiety attack.
[16:31] Dave: in with the calm out with the violence
[16:32] Dave: Let us go to your happy place
[16:33] Dory: where I can shoot those assholes who stole my friggin house?!?!
[16:33] Dave: Yes, you can shoot them right in the buttocks
[16:33] Dory: *chuckling*
[16:33] Dave: and then laugh at them
[16:34] Dave: and then have the geese poop on them

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