zzzzzzzzzzz THUD *head hitting the keyboard*

I -still- have this cold. I’m SO tired. I took nyquil last night and -still- woke up 3 times. am I going to die from the common cold? has that already been done? I ache all over. yes, I’m whining. I think I’m entitled.

i didn’t get around to writing yesterday. was so busy working. so this weekend was good. friday night the boys stayed at gramma A’s and tom and I went to dinner, and then shopping at kohl’s, and then to see “down with love”. kohl’s had some great sales and I got some good deals. I went just to pick up one pair of pants. I left with 3 pairs of pants and 4 shirts and a cute little sweater. I wanted some pants that I didn’t, like, swim in. so I bought some 5/6’s and gave some of my 10’s and 12’s to Stepmomster. also gave her 4 suits. I was going to sell them on eBay, but her and dad have been so cool and have not made me pay rent. the pants are what I like to call “hot pants” LOL they are snug at the waist, hips, and thighs then slightly flare down and they’re kinda stretchy polyester. “down with love” was a really cute movie. it’s got renee zellweger and ewen mcg-something in it. total chick flick, but tom didn’t hate it. then saturday I slept in until 9:30 and then went garage sale-ing with Nanner and Fiona. found MORE pants for work, a shirt for 50 cents with the tags still on it, and a extra large family size george forman grill brand new still in the box for $30!!! then I went to michelle’s sister’s batchelor party. they rented, and filled up, a 15 passenger van with drunken women. At the fifth bar, I decided I had had enough fun and called for a ride home. I think I’m getting too old to shut down the bars. :o)

this afternoon I have counseling with tom. last time by the time I got there I had worked myself into a pretty good anxiety attack. or at least a conniption. why? bcus I have a very hard time talking about my feelings. I can write them out fairly well though. I feel a conniption coming on right now. I dread having to say things that hurt tom. I can spend time with him, but I don’t want to get into a deep discussion and I don’t want to come back to him.

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