mondays suck ass…

I can’t get rid of this damn cough.

Friday night – had boys over to dad’s for supper.

Saturday – Went to The Hoover House in West Branch with Tom, SA, and Stacey. Fantastic grill-your-own steak place. After dinner, went to The Blarney Stone for a couple beers. Darned if I can remember what I did Saturday afternoon.

Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day! The boys got me a framed Calvin & Hobbes print. Tom swears Dino came up with it. *snort* Went out to Tom’s parent’s house for lunch/dinner, put some hamburgers and cheddarwurst on the inside grill bcus the weather sucked. Damn Iowa anyway. Wish it would decide if it wanted to be spring or what.

I had to sign a new offer for the house bcus the owner has decided to list with a realtor. We’re still going to offer $90K.

Went to my PartyLite meeting tonight. I haven’t had any parties since the last week in February. I think I’m about ready to get back into it.


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