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Went over to Tom’s tonight and just spent time with the boys. Tom took off for some much needed R&R. He got back and reported that the tattoo he wants will be $200-$250 and that if I wanted to get my navel pierced, that would set me back $40-$75. LMAO! I said once that maybe I should get my belly button pierced, and I was just joking, but then have really started to seriously consider it! Anybody’s input on this???

I just have to say again, I am so thankful for my friends. Family is family, but your friends will make or break you. *hugs to my friends* Your words of encouragement mean more to you than you can know.

Well, kiddies, it’s bedtime for bonzo. And me. I’m falling asleep at the wheel here…

love… Dory

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